viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Living Things

We Are Living Things!

Our students have an extensive knowledge  of the characteristics of both living and nonliving things.  In this first unit of natural science, our 5th grde students are further exploring the internal structure of what makes up a living organisim as well as how to classify living organisims.

The following links provide students extra reinforcment of content taught in the classroom.  It is important that students access this extra material at home to access both the visual and audio content in an engaging manner. 

Back to English!

3rd Grade Back To School English!

Our students are continuously improving their ability to communicate in English.  Each year our students learn more in depth about common everday topics.  As we start this school year, it only makes sense that our first topic is language related to the school.  In class with the help of our incredible teachers and native conversation teachers our students have been discussing places in the school, school subjects, school schedules, and activities performed within the school.  They are building on their knowledge from the previous years.
It is important as the topics become more indepth, that the students continue to practice and reinforce the English vocabulary and grammar at home.

The following link provides an engaging interactive game that uses the students knowledge of school supplies, school subjects, and school activities. 


Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Back To School!

Welcome back 3rd graders and families! We are all excited about another exciting bilingual school year.  Our students have all shown great improvments in their ability to communicate in English over the past two years and we hope to see even greater improvements this year.

In our first unit of natural science, we have already started to engage our students in complex content related to the human body.

As in the past years, it is important that our students continue to access content at home to reinforce content taught in the classroom. 

The following links provide the students engaging practice related to the parts of the human body: 

Welcome to 1st Grade!

Welcome Back 1st Grade! 

We are so excited for the start of the new school year.  Our students have already begun to immerse themselves in the English language with the help of our wonderful teachers, including our three native conversation teachers: Misha, Mike, Kaitlyn.

In both English and Social Science, our first graders are engaging in conversation related to our school including: school supplies, school subjects, places in the school, and school staff.  

In order for your student to excel in the bilingual program here at Mater Immaculata it is extremely important that topics and vocabulary taught in the classroom are practiced at home as well. 

The following links provide extra engaging activities for the students:

School Supplies Crossword Puzzle

School Supplies Word Search 

School Supplies Interactive Board Game 

School Supplies Memory Game 

School Supplies Matching Game